How to select an option from the Dropdown element in Selenium Webdriver?

Step1: Create a Web-element and assign the path of Drop-down element to the Web-element.          

 WebElement Dropdownelementtest = driver.findelement(by.-----());  

Step2: Create a Select object and assign a Web-element object to the Select object created.          

  Select Dropdownoptiontest = new Select(Dropdownelementtest);  

Step3: Select the value from the Dropdown element.
           We have three types of method available to select option from Dropdown list
            Select by Index          

 Dropdownoptiontest.selectByIndex(" ");  

           Select by value          

 Dropdownoptiontest.selectByValue(" ");  

           Select by Visible Text          

 Dropdownoptiontest.selectByVisibleText(" ");  


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